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  1. Rush Limbaugh recently compared eco-terrorists to jihadists who force children to become unwitting suicide bombers. Oh, and he encouraged a certain New York Times columnist to commit suicide for the good of the planet. You know, perhaps those 82 pounds he keeps bragging about losing accidentally included a couple pounds of brain cells. Just speculation on my part, of course…
  2. The Weather Channel is taking it’s first tentative baby steps towards becoming a music taste-maker. Who would have thought the phrase “as heard on the Weather Channel” would ever be used for non-ironic marketing purposes? I always thought their horrid, smooth-lite-elevator jazz was the reason we started including a mute button on TV remote controllers in the first place. But maybe that’s just me, I guess.
  3. The Ghost Of Phillies Phanatic Past lives among us.
  4. Penn Jillette is having a feud of epic proportions with, of all people, his childhood hero Tommy Smothers. Over Glenn Beck, no less. Glenn Beck will do that to ya, people. On a side note, what the heck is going on with Penn’s forehead these days? Maybe that’s the real issue rather than the usual tiresome libertarian squabbling.
  5. Jasper County’s ongoing war against sagging/slacking pants continues. As Jeff Vrabel astutely points out, where were the fashion police legislators that could have saved us from the excessive flannel purchases of my own misspent youth?
  6. Back in August for one magical day only, San Francisco’s famed crooked, steep, hairpin-turn heavy Lombard Street was transformed into a gigantic Candy Land board game. Sweet! But wherefore art thou, Plumpy?
  7. Moby did a show the other day at the Rough Trade record store in East London and he totally rocked the house. Yeah, Moby. The same dude who dated Christina Ricci, Natalie Portman AND Kelly Tisdale. *sigh* Some guys get all the luck….
  8. How many times have you said to yourself, “I friggin’ love me some zombies. But if only there was a website in which I could seriously discuss them from a scientific and philosophical context.” Like at least 37 times or so, does that sound about right? Well, guess what? The wait is finally over. Warning: be advised that you are now entering a irony-free zone.
Teh Interwebz For Dummies/Complete Idiots/Total Morons

Teh Interwebz For Dummies/Complete Idiots/Total Morons

  1. Detroit, Michigan’s new slogan is “Fire sale! Priced to move, everything must go!
  2. I like to think of myself as a creative person. But when it comes to chest hair fashion, it would appear I am woefully way behind the times.
  3. Bacon is now officially overrated. Get over it and give it up, post-ironic hipsters. The bacon scene is game over.
  4. Is there a dating site for nerdy Star Trek fans who live off the land in Montana? The part that Ted Turner hasn’t bought yet? Probably.
  5. The Weather Channel is now going to start showing movies. Instead of, you know, the weather. I suppose it could always be worse…Fox could buy it and start blaming the Democrats whenever it rains.
  6. I hate Jack Van Impe. I love Pee Wee Herman.  Any questions, class?
Teh A.I.D.S.

Teh A.I.D.S.