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Dear Answer Man, what’s the story regarding the guy who stands on Second Street Southwest every day in his swim trunks and waves to passing cars?

Thousands of commuters see this jolly, half-nude fellow with the big belly every day, so I figured it’s about time to get the facts.

His name is Joseph Johnson; he’s 43, lives in the apartment building in front of which he stands in the 800 block of Second Street Southwest, and he waves “peace” to passers-by for at least a few hours a day. When I stopped to talk with him Sunday, he was in a very – well, peaceful – mood, drinking a diet cola and wearing his trademark swimsuit and nothing else.

Why does he stand in front of his apartment building and wave at people on one of the city’s busiest streets?

“I do it because it makes people feel good,” says Joseph. “I want them to feel happy. We’ve been through so much with the wars,” with the economy and so on, he says.

As I noticed while talking with him yesterday, a lot of people wave back. He must be onto something.

Rochester Post Bulletin – Rochester, MN – Monday, July 12, 2010

I don’t mean to brag or boast…but last night, who would come through my line at the chain bookstore I work at not once, but twice…Mr. Tom Brokaw. And moi behind the register. Mano a mano. So to speak. But I could probably take him, if need be.
That’s right! Mr. Greatest Generation himself. I know, you’re jealous already. And frankly, who wouldn’t be? The one true voice of NBC Nightly News, in sweat pants and un-combed hair, live in the flesh.
Let’s just say it looks like Brokaw’s wife isn’t my type. (I’m not into senior citizens, per se.) And it looks like Tom (we’re on a first name basis now, Tom and I) is taking a trip based on his travel book purchase. And this couple has a taste for affordable book lights. You heard it here first, folks!
I know people say, and by people I mean Tori Spelling and I use that term lightly, that celebs are just like us. But yesterday I learned how true that well worn cliche really is. Because unlike Tori Spelling, Tom (don’t call him Mr. Brokaw and he really hates it when you mix him up with Peter Jennings who is Canadian. And dead of the cancer. Same diff.) isn’t afraid to say in his own special unique former Big Three broadcaster way that he doesn’t need a bag, thank you very much. Greatest Green Generation is more like it!
I’m not supposed to talk about the corporation I work for but I can tell you their name rhymes with Garnes & Stroble. I’m a cashier in Rochester, MN in an old renovated movie theater.
By the way, when I tell people what I do for a living, it usually really blows them away. Totally understandable. The few, the proud. 75% of applicants quit in the first month because they just can’t hack it. The stress, the politics. I’m sorry to report it’s not all glitter and glamor like you see all the time in the movies.
The funniest aspect of all of this was that when a celebrity is in town, you already know why they’re here. Same reason anybody else comes here: because the only other alternative is death. If that isn’t a reason to be drunk by noon, I honestly don’t know what is.

Greatest Generation? Greatest Stripper Tipper is more like it!

Greatest Generation? Greatest Stripper Tipper is more like it!