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  1. Joke workshops
  2. Craigslist free stuff section – Buy one-get one free coupons – I posted that I was giving away 10 x single tickets to the first people to email with the subject header “standup.” I found it was a good way to do outreach to people who might not otherwise see live performance. When I corresponded about the tickets, I invited people to email after the show and share feedback; I got some nice feedback. Moreover, at the venue, after the show you can try to sweet talk them so they feel a personal connection and come back again in subsequent weeks.
  3. You could also go to workplaces in your area and offer blocks of tickets for groups of five or more. Office buildings, school staff rooms, swimming pool staff, restaurant staff, etc.
  4. At each event, maybe mention a password that will give a $2 discount for subsequent weeks
  5. Have a punch card, “attend 3 nights, get the 4th free.”
  6. After work summer barbeque
  7. Maybe each week’s ticket/hand stamp is an entry into a larger drawing for the end of the summer.
  8. You could have a lot of fun with gag prizes each week. Do one for the biggest group, or the person who came from the furthest distance. Do some trivia.
  9. Make it more of a “league” by doing challenges each week. Maybe one week is the all sports joke week, and the next is that every comedian has to use the prop of the emcee’s choice in his/her act (ooh prop comedy, edgy), and then the next week is all impersonations…you get the drift. People could vote at the end of the night and whoever gets the most votes wins. You could do it nightly or cumulatively.
  10. Collaborate with local businesses to do tradeoffs of services. Raffles in between comedians, free breadsticks at the pizza place down the block with your comedy ticket/stub/hand stamp, the works. The other places probably feel the economic pinch just like you.
  11. A free first drink would get me to show up.
  12. Text all of your friends.

*Please Note: these are all answers I originally found on the website ask.metafilter when I typed in “ideas on promoting standup comedy shows.” These are just the highlights I found the most useful.*Image

Locust Lecture Dead At 6

After 6 1/2 years of proving music still hurts, I am sad to report the Minneapolis-based radio show Locust Lecture will broadcast it’s last episode tonight at 10-12 PM CST. As a co-creator of the show at Radio K with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, it’s more than a little depressing to see it go.

Of all the wonderful things I was apart of in Murderapolis, Locust Lecture is inarguably what I am most proud of. Currently hosted by DJ Either/Or, Fuzzy Christ, TK1 and Evil Intern Lemmy, there is without a doubt no show like it past present and future included. Characters like Edel Hardcore, Archibald Winterbottom and Ian Docherty. Skits like “Poetry Of The Damned” and “Robots With Tears.”

I challenge anyone to find a playlist featuring new tracks by Mastodon, Mouse On Mars, Venetian Snares & Gay Witch Abortion in a row. The goal was always to be as abrasive as humanly possible and we were if nothing else consistent in that mission statement. The first song we played was “Dead Babies” by Alice Cooper and the last song tonight is rumored to be “I Hate You” by Electric Wizard. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

The reason was as I understand it the new programming/news coach Sarah L.and/or other pro staff changed the policy allowing specialty show alumni to stay on the air as long as there was a student co-host. This change happened last month and because the student co-host can’t run the show solo over the summer, the show is cancelled.

TK1 told me he is talking to Evan P., CEO of Fancy Pants Gangsters Netcast Network, to see if the show could be picked up. TK1 says he plans to grab as much digital archives as he can. The music library we amassed and curated will stay in studio, I plan on paying Zach J. whatever he needs to keep the website up and running.

The radio frequencies are 770 AM, 106.5 FM and 100.7 FM in the Twin Cities metro but you can also listen online at or listen on your iPhone by downloading the free Public Radio Player app from the iTunes app store. To learn more about the show, please visit

I have worked for REDACTED since 10-1-2006. I left Minnesota for Alaska because the economy was better and I was attempting to escape the recession.

While I was in training for my new position at the Anchorage store, the manager of the hotel I was staying at approached me to apply for a winter management job. The hotel hired me on the condition I quit REDACTED immediately, which I did reluctantly.

9-21: REDACTED when they hired me promised me $400 a week plus board plus $150 a week in bonuses contingent upon the completion of my contract on 2-1-11.

Approximately the day after I was hired, I was informed that I would only be paid $340 a week unless I slept in a bunk bed in an 8-man shared hostel room. I was also informed the $150 bonus would only be awarded if I completely sold out the hotel every week of the winter contract. I was also informed the hotel was for sale.

They never signed my I-9 or W-4 even though I repeatedly asked them to and verbally hired me, never on paper.

The owner REDACTED and manager REDACTED flew to REDACTED 2 weeks after I was hired and left me in charge of the 26-room hotel as well as 3 employees who lived on site. After they left, I was informed that all hours I worked before they left were “training wages” and would only be paid minimum wage for those hours.

The $150 stipend allotted once a month for repairs and supplies did not begin to cover the expenses of maintaining the hotel. When I informed them over the phone that they needed to comply with fire codes and other relevant state laws, they stated I would have to pay for it myself out of my own pocket. I kept the receipts for tax and legal purposes.

As a salaried on-site employee, I always worked in excess of 50 to 60 hours a week and never signed any paperwork agreeing to these overages. I was encouraged on multiple occasions to have staff work off the clock uncompensated on their time sheets for training.

I was on call 24/7 and was not compensated for my cell phone bill in any way despite numerous phone calls, voice mails, emails, and text messages I received from REDACTED her queries immediately, she would call the phone in my hotel room until I picked up whether I was asleep or not. Despite on numerous occasions insisting that discussions happen on the clock during normal business hours, she declined to honor the original work hours we agreed to.

During my employment, I was heavily encouraged to sublet an apartment in REDACTED owned by REDACTED and rented by REDACTED during my time off. (The hotel contract was 3 months on, 3 months off.) I refused. The owner also approached me about collaborating with him on a non-profit hotel venture that would allow him to elude paying Alaska bed hotel taxes. Since the profits of the hotel currently funneled to REDACTED, a financially insolvent REDACTED based REDACTED relief agency, I declined this offer as well.

After two of my employee’s checks bounced repeatedly, it came to my attention that the hotel had been in foreclosure since March. REDACTED owes over $40,000 in back taxes and the apartment complex I also collected rent on is in foreclosure for $20,000 in unpaid back taxes. There are multiple open financial judgments against him in the Alaska court system with mentions of bankruptcy. The bank at any moment now reserves the right to seize the property, which would result in employees immediately evicted, homeless and unemployed with no health insurance.

After consulting with REDACTED, a lawyer with REDACTED here in Anchorage, I resigned immediately on 11-22 and put the keys in the safe, moved out and left. My supervisors have not left REDACTED, leaving three part-time on site employees who cannot open the safe and thus no ability to pay myself my final paycheck or themselves.

I faxed, emailed and sent them a certified letter asking them for my last paycheck mailed to me within 3 business days in compliance with state law. After they declined to do so, I filed a wage claim with the Alaska Department of Labor. The Department of Labor estimated it might take up to two years to resolve the dispute. However, there is interest applied for every day they do not pay me.

I currently work part time at REDACTED in Palmer, AK for REDACTED plus tips.

I have severed all ties on facebook with Deborah Cannon and Cameron Spillers. Adam still has possession of my two cats Jaws and Maddy, who currently still reside at Deb’s house in Rochester, MN with her dog Reggie and cat Caroline.

I have absolutely nothing negative to say whatsoever about Deb or her family. (You may recall the debacles on this website involving “relationship statuses” and Rachel Witzke and Tiffany Bruenger.) I will simply summarize the situation by stating that Deb and I obviously had an infamously turbulent, complicated relationship. We broke up and got back together multiple times over the years. I honestly wish her no ill will. The same goes for Danna Klann, my ex who in October married one of my former managers.

Originally, I had planned to only live in Anchorage temporarily but I have decided to make Alaska my permanent home. Minnesota is where I was born and where the majority of my family resides so this was a very difficult decision to make. I will not be visiting for the holidays and do not know at this point when I will be able to visit my friends in the Lower 48.

I am currently considering two job possibilities, both of which are full time with health care and livable wages.

I currently juggle 3 pre-pay cell phones, all of which I will deactivate by New Years Eve. Once I have my new AT&T number, you will be the first to know. My contact info remains as follows:

Nathan Hall

645 G Street – Suite 651

Anchorage, AK 99501

You know me, unable to resist jumping at the first flimsy excuse to reference "On Deadly Ground."

  1. Ryan Adams – I Taught Myself How To Grow Old
  2. Stars – Sleep Tonight
  3. P.O.S. – Why Go?
  4. Frightened Rabbit – Living In Colour
  5. Liars – No Barrier Fun
  6. Rolling Stones – Tumblin’ Dice
  7. Band Of Horses – NW Apt.

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  1. Drive By Truckers – Drag The Lake, Charlie
  2. Joanna Newsom – Easy
  3. Erykah Badu – Umm Hmm
  4. Broken Bells – The High Road
  5. Gorillaz – Stylo
  6. Massive Attack – Splitting The Atom

  1. Pavement – Cut Your Hair
  2. Spinal Tap – Celtic Blues
  3. Ryan Adams – Jacques Cousteau, Punch Him in the Nuts
  4. Spoon – The Underdog
  5. Peaches & Tone Loc – Wild Thing
  6. Ulrich Schnauss – Medusa
  7. Stereolab – Three Women
  8. Flight Of The Conchords – Business Time
  9. Jason Isbell – Hurricanes And Hand Grenades
  10. U.N.K.L.E. – Burn My Shadow
  11. Magic Numbers – You Never Had It
  12. Meters – Cissy Strut
  13. Stars – Set Yourself On Fire
  14. Architecture In Helsinki – Heart It Races

    This is the music you really should be listening to when you're studying or whatevs.

“Who says I can’t get stoned?

Call up a girl that I used to know

Fake love for an hour or so

Who says I can’t get stoned?”

—John Mayer, “Who Says”

Stevie Ray Vaughn is dead, yet John Mayer still lives. Why, God, why?

I am far from the first person to comment on the creeper expressions John Mayer displays mid-solo. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still funny as hell.

My muse? Throwaway sex, weed and Steve McQueen retrospectives.

But it’s obviously more than that. I hate John Mayer with the unquenchable fire of a thousand burning suns. To describe his new album “Battle Studies” as easy listening is an insult to the genre. I suppose you could say this was the best album of the year if you are an indulgent tool who thinks it’s about time men were more honest about how they really think and feel. And by honest I mean utterly disgusting and wholly reprehensible by every quantifiable measure.

Guitar face: Putting the "adult" back in adult contemporary music