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  1. Detroit, Michigan’s new slogan is “Fire sale! Priced to move, everything must go!
  2. I like to think of myself as a creative person. But when it comes to chest hair fashion, it would appear I am woefully way behind the times.
  3. Bacon is now officially overrated. Get over it and give it up, post-ironic hipsters. The bacon scene is game over.
  4. Is there a dating site for nerdy Star Trek fans who live off the land in Montana? The part that Ted Turner hasn’t bought yet? Probably.
  5. The Weather Channel is now going to start showing movies. Instead of, you know, the weather. I suppose it could always be worse…Fox could buy it and start blaming the Democrats whenever it rains.
  6. I hate Jack Van Impe. I love Pee Wee Herman.  Any questions, class?
Teh A.I.D.S.

Teh A.I.D.S.