1. North To Alaska – Box Car Willie
  2. Anchorage – Michelle Shocked
  3. Alaska & Me – John Denver
  4. From Alaska To L.A. – Wanda Jackson
  5. Stephanie Says – Velvet Underground
  6. When It’s Springtime In Alaska – Johnny Cash
  7. My Elusive Dreams – George Jones & Tammy Wynette
  8. Fairbanks, AK – Joe Walsh
  9. Far Alaska – Jethro Tull
  10. Home To Alaska – Lee Greenwood
  11. Murder Rap – Fat Joe
  12. Road To Alaska – Bee Gee’s
  13. The Prince William Sound – David Dondero
  14. Hard Hearted Hannah – Ella Fitzgerald
  15. I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash

    Alaska: The Place Where The Sun Don't Shine. Literally.

  1. B. says:

    You’ve forgotten the most crucial one, and a song I love, Fire Island AK – The Long Winters

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