7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Complaining About Obamacare

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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  1. As of right now, what has actually really changed since the bills were signed into law? Not a lot. Children and adults can’t get dropped from their health insurance because they got sick or had a pre-existing condition. And now college students who stay at home can stay on their parents insurance until age 26, which would cover most people through their masters depending upon what they majored in of course. I don’t care if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish or atheist: whatever moral compass steers your life cannot justify not helping someone who is sick. To blame someone for getting a disease is faulty thinking we abandoned thousands of years ago. And even if you ARE that asshole, no, the state doesn’t save money by not insuring smokers, alcoholics, the morbidly obese, etc. We all know they still go to the emergency room and then we have to foot the entire bill. This just spreads the responsibilty around a little bit more. That’s it!

    Reform happens when donut holes are closed. Period.

2. Next year, the only thing that changes is that all prescription drugs get a 50% discount if you’re on Medicare who are in the really big gap in Part D drug coverage. In other words, the majority of old people in the United States pay full price right now and have for some time for their price-inflated medication. The reason why is because the pharmaceutical industry manipulated the legislation by paying off Congress and the Senate via campaign donations and Capitol Hill Lobbyist. (This was all done under the W/GOP administration, for the record.) This undoes the sneaky & underhanded backdoor dealings that allowed drug companies to get rich by ripping off old people. Old people like your grandparents. So, yes, this does affect you, me and everybody else. Our grandparents deserve that half off discount, get over it.  

The only ones who don’t benefit are drug companies, not you.

 3. What happens in 2013, three from years now? Absolutely nothing! Over the next seven years, if the Republicans haven’t killed this off by then, Medicare will take SEVEN MORE YEARS to slowly, gradually close that donut hole. In other words, stop the drug companies from over charging senior citizens. Again, no legitimate school of philisophic thought can justify ripping off old folks. No debate, no question.

If you hate your elders so much you don't want to help pay your fair share to help them out, you're an asshole.

4. What happens in 2014, four years from now? If you don’t get health insurance, you have to pay a fine. Why? Because you’re being a dick and you should be punished, that’s why. By not opting in, the rest of us have to pay even more taxes than we already do. If you’re an employer who doesn’t offer health insurance for your workers, you pay a fine. Why? Same thing – you’re making it hard for the rest of us who are trying to make this problem better. It goes without saying that the state run buying pools or exchanges or whatever suck. The good news is members of Congress, the people who passed this in the first place, will have to use these. I’m going to take a wild guess that this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened if McCain hadn’t gotten elected.

Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing, my friend.

5. What happens in 2017, 7 years from now? Large employers, not just small business owners, have the ability to get in on competitive exchanges. In plain English, that means health insurance companies now have to be competitive. You know, capitalism. Remember that? Unfettered capitalism means prices go down via Adam’s Smith invisble hand as multiple companies compete for the consumer dollar. Before, these health care corporations had gentlemen’s agreements and price fixing and collusion and any other corruptive, illegal practice you can think of and 13 infuriatingly devious new ones you probably haven’t heard of yet. All this does is make a clear playing field so it’s fair again. Not letting people cheat is not socialism, it’s simply the right thing to do. And if you think cheating is ok because it’s profitable, you need to go back to Kindergarten.

Health Care Exchanges

Health care companies only make a profit if they deny you treatment you need. Screw them.

6. What happens in 2018, 8 years from now? The so-called Cadillac health benefit plans get taxed more. This is for folks with really sweet deals, usually union gigs. I’m in a union that opposed this and I agree with them. I don’t think anyone gets unecessary tests for fun. (And if hypochondriacs act like they’re at an all-you-can-eat-buffet, they should undoubtedly be punished.) A lot of union members gave up other benefits like wage increases because they wanted to keep their health care. Probably because they have a chronic, expensive conditon like asthma. The good news is it will only affect people who are definitely considered upper middle class so they can afford it and no one’s going to die over this tax. Again, all it’s doing is helping making everyone pay. Otherwise, health care companies would continue to operate their death panels with impunity and throw elaborate yacht parties for their henchmen.

I'm in a union and I still qualify for poor people insurance, so I don't feel too bad for my co-workers.

7. So what happens in 2020, ten years from now? The donut hole is closed for good. Again, assuming, the GOP hasn’t destroyed this: that’s a wet dream for the Tea Party libertarian set. This basically means drug companies got 7 years to prepare themselves for not being able to rip off old people quite as much as before. Granny and Gramps pay what they should for their meds and Big Pharma can’t bilk them OR the state OR drug stores. How is that so horrible? It’s not like any health companies is going to go out of business over this so the jobs are saved.

Nobody likes paying more taxes, especially a poor dude such as myself. If anybody has a better idea other than just opposing it, I'm all ears.

I challenge any and all conservatives, Republicans, GOP mouthpieces, rugged individualists or anyone else for that matter to refute any of the  7 claims I just made. I admit I haven’t read the whole bill front and back and I venture you haven’t either. But for this to count, you can’t just regurgitate something you heard on Fox News or talk radio. Or parrot a blog back at me, for that matter. I’m talking legitimate, creditable news services. If you have actual documented facts that are scientifically proven and statistically valid, in other words TRUTHS, I will happily take this post down and admit you are right and I am wrong. In the meantime, I’m going to assume I understand current health care legislation better than hysterical street protestors who need to settle down long enough to make their signs grammatically AND factually correct.

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