1. Wesley believes he is creating a “hyper universe” for himself and if he goes to prison for tax fraud, another personae of his in the “quantum universe” will be the part of his personality doing the time.
  2. Snipes used to own the house in Florida next to Tiger Wood’s – the one on the other side of the fire hydrant.
  3. The main reason he purchased said house was because it had as few 90 degree angles as possible. “I’m not a fan of them. I just gravitate towards circles and triangles because of the energy flow. Positive ions cluster in the corners of your house.”
  4. At one point in the legal battle, Mr. Snipes used the 861 Section argument, an interpretation of the code that all income earned within the U.S. is exempt from tax.
  5. Not to mention signing an affidavit of incompetence” claiming he did not understand the system in the first place.
  6. There was also the bill of exchange checks he sent, believing these funds are paid off by secret government coffers held in your name that the government tricked you out of by printing your name on your birth certificate in capital letters.
  7. Let’s not forget signing documents as “Wesley-Trent: Snipes,” believing that inserting additional punctuation into his name changed his legal status and therefore not subject to governmental authority.
  8. During the trial Wes described himself at various times as either “a stateless person,” “a non tax payer,” “a non-resident alien” and “not an individual.” For his trouble, the prosecution argued he was attempting to undermine the fundamental codes of meaning we all share. “Any use of the word ‘frivolous’ in your response to anything I say or anything contained in this correspondence shall be defined as ‘truthful, correct’ because that is how I define the word in my own personal vocabulary…Since the First Amendment guarantees me a right of free speech, it also guarantees me the right to prescribe the exact meaning of words…”
  9. His tax defiance will eventually cost him more than $41 million dollars, which he claims he can pay. He is currently appealing his conviction.
  10. One of Snipes’ early breaks was Michael Jackson’s “Bad” music video as a gang banger, directed by Martin Scorsese. The role was appropriate considering that his moved him from the Bronx to Florida after the body of the son of someone his mother knew had been found in a garbage can.
  11. The titles of Wesley’s last 3 movies all end in the “err” sound: Gallow Walker, The Contractor and The Detonator.
  12. At one point in court his own lawyer stated he was innocent because “it’s not a crime to be crazy.”
  13. The man who first convinced Snipes to ignore his accountants and stop filing argued he should be released from jail because Florida had never been ceded to the federal government.
  14. Wesley wears a voodoo amulet around his neck that “keeps all of the evil people away from him.” Alternately, he calls the jewelry a holographic projector that draw energy in. The metal plate with bejeweled spikes was invented by a doctor who’s a great-uncle of Alexander Graham Bell. Fred Bell claims it’s reversed from alien technology via his Pleiadean contract, otherwise known as Semjase. Working in tandem with nuclear receptors, it becomes an anti-aging device. To find out more about the 8th parallel dimension, eliminating negative energy, $10,000 gold projector bases, balsamic vinegar and de-spiraling DNA into the 4th dimension, please visit Pyradyne.
  15. Wesley describes his legal woes now as “a Passion Play” he didn’t write.

    Internal Revenue Service 1, American Right Litigators 0

    All direct quotes were taken from the April 2010 issue of GQ.

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