What Everyone Else In The World Named Nathan Hall Is Up To

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

  • Being overly mean for no reason whatsoever is always funny.

  • My hotel changed its name to some lame old dude (Kidding!)
  • I got $30,000 in venture capital for my alternative fuel start up
  • Had one of my best birthday parties ever in the junior high school parking lot
  • Premiered my new epic sci-fi film at a couple festivals
  • Finally passed the real estate exam
  • Nominated for a shorty award, which is for short films hyped on Twitter rather than for parenting I assume
  • Premiered my commissioned chamber ensemble piece
  • Sign fail

  • Trying to find a tracer. And by tracer I mean inker and letterer.
  • That graphic design degree is really starting to pay off. Nice, huh?
  • Making some inroads on hate crime legislation in the UK
  • Prayers still going unanswered in Danville, Kentucky
  • Jewelry design show in Pittsburgh, PA was a smashing success
  • Organizing the hiking club isn’t going so hot right now
  • Found out the Cougar Board is not for M.I.L.F.’s sadly. It’s this lame message board for people asking dumb questions like “Hey, remember that successful Mormon athlete from Brigham Young? Did any of you have class with them?” Who the hell cares? On the positive side, apparently I’m considered humble and nice. So there’s that, which is nice.
  • Steven Soderbergh. 1996. "Schizopolis." Watch it.

  • Apparently there is a special British table for watching stag films. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a business whose sole purpose is collecting and delivering said tables. How great is that?
  • My child has gotten so lazy as of late that dad is now expected to help out with his school projects by posting stuff on the interweb tubez. Do you have to be that blatant about your cheating? Is that really necessary?
  • Australian cook book is in the can.
  • The paintings have really improved and t-shirt sales have never been better.
  • Arrived back from combat operation in Afghanistan safe and sound. *Whew*
  • Admit it: WWF-style wrestling is just soap opera for guys.
  • Cleaned up at the science fair. Again. That’s right, I said it.
  • Screw you, this is still funny and you know it.

  • Apparently Oceans 11 was “Scary Movie meets Sin City.” Are you just stringing  together random pop culture references at this point? Are you sure we watched the same movie? Are you drunk?
  • Suicided myself in Ipswich, England where I use to teach high school English. Moved here recently from Canada.
  • In Illawarra, Australia I led police on a 120 m.p.h. topping chase through the suburbs with my old high school chums. Good grief!
  • If an infinite number of monkeys are given an infinite number of URL's, eventually one of the monkeys will find http://www.shakespeare.com

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