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1. Rachel A. Witzke gets props for letting me know about what’s the best argument yet for why the Shakers may have had the right idea all along about sex.

2. The Moon Goons are from Minnesota and they make dance music. Don’t let either of those things stop you from listening to them because they are an extra side of awesome sauce and then some.

3. Yes, of course I realize Halloween is longover. But I don’t like Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years. How do I put it?  Those other inferior holidays just aren’t doomy enough for my tastes.

4. By far, this is the most authoritative history of Christian stand up comedy I have ever come across. Granted, it’s not written by a believer so I admit there is an inherent I-work-at-a-snarky-independent-radio-station-in-New-York bias. However, regardless of your religious persuasion, this is a fascinating and well-researched article. Coming from the perspective of someone who reads A WHOLE LOT about Christian pop culture and stand up comedy, even I learned a lot. I own some of these records, so it was cool to find out someone else on the planet did too. Plus, it’s funny as hell. Whoops! Sorry, my bad. 😛

5.  Another well-done essay about comics penned by someone who is currently doing it for a living. I stumbled across this old piece because the title shares the same name of this blog.  Vince Martin,  in addition to being hilarious, says so many things better than I ever could that I’m kind of getting jealous even thinking about it. God damn it! There I go again…

6. Director Kevin Smith gets interviewed all the time. Which makes sense, he’s a great story teller and his wife was at least at one time a reporter for “USA Today.” (Not sure if she still is after she had the kids.) Anyhoo, I’ve skimmed a ton because I’m a fan but for some reason this one stood out above the others. What I like about this particular chat the most is that, as always, he is more than helpful about going over the nitty gritty about what it takes to get an independent film done. The unglamorous stuff you go through to make another one after that. More than almost any other person I’ve heard of who’s now in the studio system, Smith is always willing to give pointers to show novices what to do and give breaks to whoever wants and genuinely deserves one. In other words, he’s not afraid of competition. If you make a better movie than him, great! The more the merrier. Bring it on and show me what ya got! So many industries, like medicine or engineering for example, go out of their way to discourage competition and make their clubs as exclusive as humanly possible. He almost, and almost being the operative word here, makes you optimistic that meritocracy can and will trump Hollywood nepotism.

7. If you’re thinking of watching the PG-13 horror film “The Unborn,” don’t. It’s a big mistake and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Okay, first off, PG-13 horror with a few notable exceptions is a contradiction in terms. I’m not saying you can’t make a good PG-13 psychological suspense film but that’s a whole other kettle of fish than a scary movie. That’s different. That’s supposed to be for adults so it’s okay for adults to watch adult things happen. PG-13 movies are for kids or other groups of people who can’t psychologically handle being really frightened. End. Of. Story. Second of all, “The Unborn” would have sucked with an “R” or an “NC-17” or an “X.” Now, extended preface aside, it did make me want to learn more about vanishing twins and Josef Mengele. Specifically Dr. Mengele’s twin experiments. Ok, here’s a for-example: supposedly some people now believe that when Mengele was on the lam in Brazil, he managed to perfect the ability to cause women to give birth to twins. According to legend, the town he hid out in now has to this very day one of the largest amounts of twin per capita in the world. And, because we’re talking about the Angel of Death here, he did all of this pregnancy manipulation unbeknownst to the women he was checking up on. I mean…that right there is TOTALLY MESSED UP! Whether it’s true or not is beside the point: that would make an AWESOME R-rated horror flick right there. Too bad no one has.

8. I wanted all of my friends to know that Mike Toft, a cartoonist I have known and worked with for the last couple of years, finally put up a site for a great little comic he’s been toiling away called Brain Food. Mike is a really cool guy and I’m always psyched whenever a new issue hits my mailbox. So please go spread some love his way if you get a sec as I’m sure he would totally appreciate that sort of thing.

9. I’ve been listening to the Avett Brothers this afternoon while I typed this up. My favorite song of theirs thus far is “Colorshow.” It’s totally boss, as the kids used to say.

  1. Hmmmmmmmm says:

    I don’t know if I’d call The Ring a kids movie despite its PG-13 rating, many adults are terrified by that movie. I know of an example of a mother taking her 13 year old daughter to see the movie, thinking it would be a milder horror movie (like Goosebumps with an edge so to speak), but unsurprisingly, the 13 year old was so terrified that she spent much of the movie sobbing and clinging to her mother (something you rarely see 13 year olds do) and they had to leave halfway through because the 13 year old girl was too traumatized.

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