18 Signs That I Am A Pretentious Tool (According To Details Magazine)

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Popular Articles
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Pretentious Tool

Pretentious Tool

  1. I’ve taken an inspiration photo of John Cusack to my hairstylist.
  2. I only watch TV on DVD.
  3. I invest in vinyl.
  4. I think Zack Galifanakis is just so funny.
  5. I miss the warmth of 35mm film.
  6. I prefer the British version of “The Office.”
  7. Moleskine.
  8. I use periods instead of dashes in phone numbers.
  9. I have a thing for typefaces.
  10. I listen to Grizzly Bear.
  11. My business venture has a social-networking component.
  12. My favorite late-night host is Craig Ferguson.
  13. I’ve refrained from buying a book because it had the Oprah’s Book Club insignia on it.
  14. I think the only acceptable fast food is In-N-Out.
  15. I know the correct pronunciation of acai.
  16. I frequent a bar without signage.
  17. I have a favorite animated documentary.
  18. I’m not renewing my “Details” subscription.

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